Providing extra time with executive mobility since 1958!

Líder Aviação was started by Captain José Afonso Assumpção in Belo Horizonte, capital of the state of Minas Gerais (MG). He was a young aviator who in 1958 realized that there was a lack of infrastructure and safety in chartering companies at the time. And so, he understood his calling for offering safe flight solutions for his clients. FLYING is in the company’s DNA.

The captain’s calling translates Líder and its team’s mission to serve their clients’ needs to fly with tranquility, comfort, ease, exclusivity and, obviously, safety. All of which only the pioneer in Executive Aviation in Brazil can guarantee.

What’s your next destination?

Be it business or pleasure.

A dream, a project, a fulfilment, a challenge or a big negotiation.

Líder wants to be a part of this journey and to make it the safest and most unique as possible. And for that the company has plenty of experience in customized solutions in every branch of Executive Aviation, as it is the only company in Brazil to offer a complete portfolio in the business.

Choose your destinations and let us know what you need. Líder will find the solution that suits you best:

  • Offshore Helicopters Operations.
  • Aircraft Chartering and Maintenance.
  • Aircraft Maintenance.
  • Aircraft sales and acquisitions.
  •  Ground Handling.
  • Aeronautical Insurance Sales.
  •  Pilot Training.


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An organization’s culture is a combination of people’s attitudes in the workplace, as well as routines, habits, behaviors, principles, values, policies, systems, and physical environment – among other aspects. In other words, it serves as a behavioral guideline for employees.


Turning air travel into an extraordinary experience.


Safety – Safety is our number one priority. We are disciplined and focused, and we strictly follow policies, protocols, and procedures.

Customer - Customers are our raison d'être. We take care of our customers and treat them with kindness and attention, continuously striving to deliver a truly enchanting experience.

Green Blood – We are passionate about Líder. We have the ambition and determination to seek extraordinary results, while maintaining the quality of our service and customer satisfaction. We are accountable and professional, consistently seeking excellence in everything we do.

People – We are a team. We value people's well-being and foster a collaborative environment where everyone is treated with respect and empathy. We work well together regardless of work relationships or hierarchy. We value diverse opinions and solve conflicts through civil, honest, and direct communication.

Innovation – We are fascinated with innovation and are always open to new ideas and possibilities. Transforming the market is in our DNA, which helps us maintain our leadership position.




A landmark in executive aviation in Brazil, Líder was inaugurated under the name Táxi Aéreo Líder Ltda and the operation of a Cessna 170 with the prefix PT-AQU, commanded by founder José Afonso Assumpção.


The company’s fleet amounts to 12 single-engine Cessna, models 170, 172, 180 and 182. The company purchases a Beechcraft D185, the first twin-engine aircraft used in charter flights in Brazil. Líder Táxi Aéreo concentrates its operations in Belo Horizonte and Ipatinga/MG, establishing flights in the Minas Gerais metallurgical area on a regular basis, thus supporting the development of the iron ore industry in the state.


Revolution in the aircraft chartering segment: Líder Táxi Aéreo acquires three Aero Commander 500B, a larger aircraft that enables longer nonstop domestic flights. Líder Aviação’s hangar at Pampulha Airport, Belo Horizonte, begins operations. The company expands its services portfolio once again: aircraft maintenance, hangaring, aircraft sales and import assistance.


The company’s fleet plays a strategic role in the construction of the Três Marias/MG and Salto Grande/MG dams, connecting the country’s major cities to the construction sites.


Líder Táxi Aéreo becomes a corporation.


Líder becomes a Learjet representative in Brazil. Líder Aviação’s base at Santos Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, begins operations.


Operations supporting RADAM, the “Amazon Radar” project in the Amazon area, are launched, featuring an aircraft equipped with radars and specialized instruments. Líder Aviação’s base in Congonhas Airport, São Paulo/SP, begins operations.


The company is awarded the first contract for providing services to Petrobras, connecting the oil drilling platforms along the Brazilian coast. For that contract, Líder purchases eight Sikorsky S-58T helicopters. Líder Aviação’s base at Brasília Airport, Brasília/DF, begins operations.


Learjet launches Turbofan-equipped jets model 35 - quieter and more economical turbines – that are incorporated into Líder’s fleet. The company builds a hangar in Belém, state capital of Pará.


The new headquarters office building opens in Belo Horizonte. 


Líder becomes the representative of Bell Helicopter Textron in Brazil. The company reaches the leading position in the business aviation market in South America. Another expansion of Líder’s services portfolio: besides Learjet and Bell, the company now becomes the representative of Allied-Signal Aerospace (turbines), Bendix King, Rockwell Collins, and Honeywell (electronic instruments).


Líder opens a base in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro.


Bell Helicopter Textron launches sales of military helicopter models. At this time Líder signs a partnership contract with FlightSafety International.


Líder becomes a representative of one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world: Raytheon Aircraft Company, former Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The company builds a new hangar in Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo. Incorporation of Sikorsky S-76A helicopters into the company’s own fleet.


Líder purchases Hawker 800 intercontinental jets.


Líder acquires ATP - Aero Táxi Pampulha. Opening of Hangar III at Pampulha Airport, in Belo Horizonte. Opening of a hangar in Manaus, capital of Amazonas state.


With approximately 1,000 employees, Líder establishes partnerships with international companies such as BBA-Signature and Composite Technology Inc. (CTI), among others. As a result of the partnership with CTI, Composite Technology do Brasil (CTBrasil) is launched in December. Opening of the Itanhaem/SP base.


Opening of the Jacarepaguá Base, in Rio de Janeiro. Construction of Hangar IV at Pampulha Airport, in Belo Horizonte. Incorporation of another Hawker 800 into the company’s charter flight fleet. As a result of the joint venture with BBA, the Aircraft Maintenance and Ground Handling business units are now controlled by Líder Signature.


The first Premier I aircraft (Raytheon) built with an all-composite fuselage arrives in Brazil. This aircraft revolutionizes the business aviation segment. The technology used in the aircraft’s fuselage provides more internal space and lower operational and maintenance costs. Premier I has a more spacious cabin and the highest speed in its category. The company’s fleet reaches 20 airplanes and 27 helicopters. The Belém Base is reactivated and the Recife Base, in Pernambuco state, is opened.


Líder starts representing CAE SimuFlite for the sales of mechanic training programs and flight simulators for pilots. Líder terminates its sales representative contract with Bell Helicopter Textron. Líder Signature workshops continue to provide all maintenance services for Bell helicopters in the bases of Recife, Brasília, Congonhas and Jacarepaguá, keeping the same quality and reliability as a Bell Helicopter Textron authorized service center. Líder purchases ten Sikorsky S-76C+ helicopters. The Helicopter Operations Unit is awarded the ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.


Líder purchases ten new S76-C+ helicopters for offshore operations. Líder starts selling helicopter models by Helibras/Eurocopter.


Líder changes its brand to LÍDER AVIAÇÃO, aiming to highlight the comprehensive range of services and products provided by the company. The Ground Handling Unit is also awarded with the accreditation ISO 9001:2000.


The Hawker Beechcraft Corporation launches three new aircraft: Hawker 750, Hawker 900XP, and King Air C90GT. Hawker 4000 is accredited by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The company opens Líder Training Center, ratified by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency). It is the first training center belonging to an executive aviation company in Brazil to be approved by ANAC. A partnership with CEMIG, local power company, is established, providing inspection and maintenance services of transmission lines, using Bell 206 L4 helicopters. The company purchases six new S-76C++ helicopters for offshore operations.


Opening of the Vitória Base, in the state of Espírito Santo and the Fortaleza Base, in the state of Ceará. Líder terminates its sales representative contract with Helibras/Eurocopter, keeping the maintenance services as an Authorized Service Center. Hawker Beechcraft Corporation launches new models: King Air C90GTi and B200GT. Líder Aviação establishes a sales record, with a total of 55 aircraft sold. ONEX Partners and GS Capital Partners acquire Raytheon Aircraft Company, renaming it Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. Opening of the Campinas Base, in São Paulo state, for Ground Handling services.


Líder Aviação celebrates its Golden Jubilee. The Premier II aircraft is launched. The new Jacarepaguá Hangar in Rio de Janeiro is opened. Líder purchases four S76-C++ helicopters for offshore operations. The Hawker 450XP and the King Air 350i aircraft are launched.


Líder purchases three S-76 C++ helicopters for offshore operations. A new Jacarepaguá Hangar in Rio de Janeiro is approved by Hawker Beechcraft for maintenance of the Baron and Bonanza aircraft. Bristow Group acquires a 42.5 percent stake in Líder Aviação. Opening of the Curitiba Base, in Paraná state, and the Natal Base, in Rio Grande do Norte, for Ground Handling services. Líder purchases one S-92 helicopter for offshore operations. The King Air C90GTx aircraft is launched.


Líder launches “Decolar” (Take-off), a professional development program, with the goal of disseminating the company’s culture and improving organizational processes to ensure excellence in customer service. Líder purchases three S-76 C++ helicopters and two S-92 helicopters for offshore operations, as well as three more Premier Is and one King Air C90 for Aircraft Chartering operations. One more new hangar in Pampulha Airport, Belo Horizonte, is opened. The Hawker 200 and the King Air 250 aircraft are launched. Opening of the Itanhaém Base, in São Paulo state, for offshore operations.


Opening of the Tefé Base, in Amazonas, for offshore operations. Opening of the Boa Vista Base, in the state of Roraima, for Ground Handling services.


The Decolar Program is awarded the XI Human Being Award for Best Practices in People Management by the Brazilian Human Resources Association. Líder purchases three Sikorsky S-92 helicopters for offshore operations. Construction of a new hangar in Galeão International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, and another one in Campos do Goytacazes Airport, Rio de Janeiro. Opening of the Corumbá Base, in Mato Grosso do Sul state, for Ground Handling services. Hawker Beechcraft becomes Beechcraft Corporation.


Líder Aviação is the new exclusivity dealer of Bombardier in Brazil.


Opening of the Itanhaém new hangar.



Líder Aviação becomes an exclusive HondaJet sales representative in Brazil.


Our Chartering and Aircraft Management Unit conquers the Argus Platinum certification. UAS International elects Líder Aviação the best ground handling services provider in Latin America. Congonhas’ base, in São Paulo, is ranked the best Latin America FBO by Professional Pilot International Magazine.


Opening of the Carauari base, in Amazonas, oriented towards ground handling and onshore operations. Líder Aviação is awarded first place at Petrobrás’ Peotram Award. HondaJet gets ANAC’s (National Civil Aviation Agency) type certificate.


Líder Aviação wins first place in the Petrobras Petroram award. The Congonhas base is approved for maintenance services on HondaJet and Honda Aircraft engine. The first HondaJet with Brazilian prefix arrives. Company launches its first application on the market: Lider Aviação APP, available for IOS and Android versions.

Líder Aviação conquers the third and final stage of the IS-BAO in air taxi services. For the third consecutive year, the company wins the first place in the Peotram. A partnership is signed with Gulfstream as the company's Authorized Maintenance Center in Brazil and becomes the exclusive representative for the sale of the manufacturer's parts in Latin America. It is elected by UAS International Trip Support, a global Trip Planning company, as the best ground handling service provider in Latin America.

Return of the Onshore operation in the Urucu Oil Province, in the state of Amazonas. It wins 1st place in the Petrobras Air and Maritime Transport Operational Excellence Program (Peotram) award for the fourth consecutive year. It makes adjustments throughout its structure and operation to the new health laws stipulated because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Receives authorization from ANAC to transport biological loads, such as laboratory tests, biological samples, vaccines, medicines, medical equipment and hospital supplies, within the scope of the pandemic. It implements a system that allows hiring an air taxi 100% online, now also via its website. Wins 1st place in the Ranking of the Logistics Efficiency Program at RIO galeão - Tom Jobim International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro. It carries out its first flight with the sale of individual seats with the Phenom 300 aircraft, which traveled from São Paulo (Congonhas) to Belo Horizonte (Confins), offering 7 seats, sold at BRL 1,000 each.Live broadcast on the strength of executive aviation, with the participation of Luiza Helena Trajano, chairman of the Board of Magazine Luiza and Grupo Mulheres do Brasil; Professor Falconi, founding partner and member of the FALCONI Board of Directors; and Marcos Moraes, agribusiness entrepreneur and pilot; mediated by the aircraft sales director of Líder Aviação Anderson Markiewicz. Internationalization of the hangar at Galeão, with boarding and disembarkation of international flights.

Líder Aviação achieves more than 1 million hours flown in missions aimed at the oil and gas and energy industry. Receives authorization from ANAC to transport oxygen, as an action to service and combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Announces the resumption of the partnership with Honeywell Aerospace for the installation and replacement of aeronautical components. Highlight in innovation: it is the first Brazilian Public Transport company to implement the Digital Logbook (eDB) system. Honda Aircraft announces a new model of aircraft, the HondaJet 2600 Concept - which enables efficient transcontinental flight - during the Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE). In Brazil, Líder is the exclusive representative of the HondaJet and Authorized Maintenance Center.

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