Líder’s policies are based upon the QHSE concept, which means Quality, Safety, Environment and Occupational Health.

Suited for the organization's size and complexity, QHSE promotes continuous improvement in the company as it manages inherent risks, identifying and managing the weaknesses, thus preventing the occurrence of unwanted events.

Grounded on the principles of quality, the system provides corporate guidelines for managing the operational processes of Líder Aviação business units.


Líder Aviação Quality area is responsible for ensuring the Quality Management System of the company and its certifications in order to continuously improve its effectiveness.

The area’s main responsibilities are:

  • Internal process improvement (process mapping and design)
  • Company's Certifications maintenance
  • Management System's documents control.
  • Clients, Suppliers, External and Internal Audits management.
  • Non Conformity management.
  • Management of Change.
  • Compliance Monitoring (CM) management.

Operational Safety

The Operational Safety Unit has the responsibility to investigate the aeronautical incidents, audit the operations safety and manage the Prevention Reports.

The area’s main responsibilities are:

  • Prevention and inquiry of Aeronautical Accidents and Incidents.
  • Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Management.
  • Safety Assurance.
  • Prevention Reports Management.
  • LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit) Management.
  • Management of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP).
  • Management of Operations Safety Audits.

Environment and Occupational Health

The Environment and Occupational Health area is responsible for managing and implementing procedures that take into account factors which may impact the environment, the workers' health and well-being as well as their performance of an activity. It is responsible for managing and implementing procedures for labor law compliance.

The area’s main responsibilities are:

  • Environmental regularization on the federal, state and local levels;
  • Administrative tasks related to work safety, occupational health and environment;
  • Awareness activities as well as worker’s education and guidance relating to the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases;
  • Area inspections and daily follow-up to assess Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environment requirements;
  • Implementation of Fire and Explosion Prevention and Control projects;
  • Guidance on the compliance with the Regulatory Standards and other Work Safety Legislation.
  • Maintenance of the company's Certifications.


Líder Aviation commits to supplying customized solutions for the national and international market by providing resources, fostering constant improvements through process risk management, practicing sustainable development and with a fair and safety generative culture. All of this based on our Integrated Management System, in order to maximize profitability and bolster Líder’s market leadership, through:

  • Aeronautical occurrences prevention;
  • Safety dissemination, establishing primary responsibilities and encouraging voluntary report;
  • Customer and stakeholder satisfaction;
  • Management of change in the organization;
  • Occupational health risks prevention;
  • Environmental preservation, minimizing the impact caused by the use of natural resources, as well as the production of residues and effluents;
  • Ethics promotion and people engagement;
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and subscribed by the organization;
  • Valuation and qualification of its employees;
  • Security and information safety.


Líder Aviação’s ethics code presents the principles that guide how the company follows its mission, and reinforces its commitment to being fair and responsible towards all of its stakeholders.

The code also puts forward the moral standards for the employees and gathers guidelines that should be observed by everyone while performing work activities.

To have access to Líder Aviação´s code, send a request to codigodeintegridade@lideraviacao.com.br.

In case you have knowledge of any violation of the principles in the ethics code, please send an email to the above e-mail address.



Líder Aviação, in pursuit of better Governance, adopts a management model committed to operational excellence, financial stability, and socio-environmental responsibility, always trying to foresee the market demands.



Líder Aviação’s Financial Management reaches for the optimization of the available financial resources through constant follow-up and cost control as well as dealing with default strictly. Moreover, the company meticulously controls financial investments, its relationship with banks, and closely monitors changes of both exchange and interest rates.

In order to achieve a competent and transparent integrated management system, the group’s largest companies have a Board of Directors, consisting of professional directors and the controlling shareholders.

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